Who can apply?
All pupils living in Switzerland who are at least 16 and not yet 18 years of age on 30 June of the respective entry year and who are familiar with the Swiss way of life are eligible. Exceptions from these principles are only possible in specific cases of hardship.


What are the requirements?
The Swiss Association for the UWC is looking for talented personalities worthy of support. It is important to have a balanced, good grade transcript because the academic requirements in the UWCs are slightly higher than in Swiss secondary schools. This is the case as the language of instruction is English and the students are introduced to a new school system. In addition, students should be able to participate in the various college activities without being restricted by academic stress. However, the candidate’s personality, his/her sense of responsibility, the commitment to UWC ideals and general interests are as important as good grades. The financial background of parents does not matter. Only personal aptitude and abilities are decisive.


Is there a registration deadline?
The deadline is 30 November. Later applications can only be considered in the case of hardship.


Can you apply for only one year?
Receiving an UWC education always requires two years. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications for a one-year college visit.


From which grade level can you be admitted to a UWC?
In general, UWC students who are 15 or 16 years old and attend Swiss high school are eligible for admission.


How high are the school fees?
The school fees for a UWC vary from school to school and are on average CHF 50'000-60'000 for both school years. The costs include lessons, accommodation in a standard room, all meals, educational support, sports and other leisure and weekend activities. However, it does not include travel expenses and pocket money.


How can one get a scholarship?
Selection depends exclusively on personal fit and ability. Only after the selection has taken place is the financial situation examined, i.e. whether the family’s financial situation requires partial support.
The fund for scholarships is funded mainly by private donations, which means that scholarships are awarded on a needs-based basis. As a rule, these scholarships are partial to cover the school fees.


Is the selection process very difficult, and how can you prepare for it?
The personal motivation and fit are examined in the written and oral part of the selection day. The essay on a general topic enables us to see how you develop your thoughts on a specific topic and then form an opinion. We do not ask for any school knowledge in the traditional sense because we consider your grade transcript. The best prerequisite for a good performance in the selection process is an interest in public and international events and an open mind.