Finding the energy to power an entrepreneurial career: Q&A with Urs Riggenbach

"While studying at UWC Mahindra College in India, I realized that that most energy consumed in the developing world is in the form of firewood and charcoal, and to a minor extent fossil fuels where affordable. The energy transformation in the developed world is progressing because of the technology, finance and infrastructure in place, but there are two-thirds of the world that is less developed and largely lacking access to renewable energy.


Developing countries need energy solutions that are low-cost and decentralized, yet powerful enough to replace the fires currently used to power much of the economic activity. The high-capital, centrally produced technology that the developed world relies on for renewable energy does not seem viable in this current reality."


In a series of Blog posts, the IB organisation asked four alumni about what inspired them to dedicate their careers to a social enterprise. Urs Riggenbach is a Swiss IB Diploma Programme (DP) graduate from UWC Mahindra College, India.


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