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Welcome to the UWC Alumni Network in Switzerland! The Alumni Network organizes events and links together former UWC students in Switzerland.

UWC alumni in Switzerland

Since the foundation of the first United World College in 1962, more than 100 Swiss students have attended and graduated from a UWC. Additionally, many foreign alumni also live and work in Switzerland.


The Alumni Network of the UWC Swiss Association welcomes all those who have attended a UWC and live in Switzerland. The network brings alumni in touch, keeps contact with the colleges, and coordinates alumni activities with UWC International Office.


Various publications regularly provide information on the latest news and events in Switzerland. At yearly meetings or network drinks, you have the opportunity to meet other alumni. If you want, you can also become active - we are always looking for volunteers for student presentations at your local high school or for the organization of events.



Connect and remain connected

Do you want to know if other UWC alumni live in your city? Or whether someone is studying at the same university? Are you looking for a friend's address? Or do you want to go hiking with other UWC Alumni? The Swiss Association helps you to get in contact and cultivate those contacts with other UWC Alumni.


We are in regular contact with our alumni and maintain our database. We also exchange information with the alumni coordinators of the International Office and other national committees. This is the basis for a strong UWC network in Switzerland.



Financing a scholarship

In the benefactors’ club "Club of 20", the annual membership fee is CHF 3,000. Twenty members thus finance a two-year full scholarship - or several partial scholarships - each year.


Members of the Club of 20 regularly receive invitations to exclusive events, for example, readings or discussion sessions related to UWC.
Interested in joining the Club of 20? Christian Schreiber, Treasurer of the UWC Swiss Association is happy to help.




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Do you want to network with other alumni and support UWCs in Switzerland?


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«My time at the UWC has strongly influenced me and supported me in all phases of life.»

Urs Eng
UWC Atlantic College 1978–1980
CEO Accarda AG