Report from the Introduction Camp 2017

On the second weekend of July, the first edition of the Introduction Camp for the newly selected students organized by the UWC Swiss Association took place. Within the idyllic location of Mürren we were able to exchange impressions and ease the new Swiss UWC Generation into the wideness and intensity of their two years to come.


Participants were:

The new generation: Sissi - UWC Mostar, Lenja - UWC Mahindra, Emilia - UWC Maastricht, Levin - UWC Costa Rica, Yuxi - UWC Robert Bosch College in Freiburg (International Quota, invited for selection in Switzerland). Furthermore we could count on the support of two Swiss Alumni: Marlen - UWC Dilijan ’17 and Daniel - UWC Mahindra ’14. From the board there were four members present: Maria Beck - UWC Costa Rica ‘12, Maurus Wüthrich - UWC Atlantic ‘09, Bertha Camacho, UWC USA ‘92, and Sonia Martínez - UWC Hong Kong ‘02.


Within two days we performed a complete workshop program where the main vectors of the United World College experience were present. To give you a little idea of the topics we discussed, we would like to summarize the most important ones here.


Campus Life: Designed to outline and discuss the possible challenges that the students may encounter in their respective UWCs, all based in experiences and real situations from the past. The alumni have the chance to share with the first years how certain conflictive situations can be handled within the community, and the first years can start thinking these possibilities through and ask for opinions and advice. Daily life topics like time management, health and setting priorities are also handled.


Academics: The IB programme and the Swiss standard requirements are presented. Also, we describe some subjects and show them tips to balance their academic pressure, providing them with an overview that will allow them to be mindful and realistic about their academic goals.


UWC Swiss Association and Network: The goal here is to make the board and other people involved in the Swiss Association more accessible, and to strengthen the value of networking.


Between all these intensive talks, we had the chance to cook in teams, go for a hike, take some pictures and share long conversations that re-energized all of us. We are sure that the Introduction Camp was a success and are looking forward to the next editions to come. Would you like to join us too? Stay tuned!