Blogpost: Why you should apply to a United World College

“The UWC was a challenging but rewarding experience. It is not easy to leave home at the age of 17, to live in a completely different country and to study in a different language. When I applied, I was looking for something unknown; something I found during my years at UWC and beyond. It was the first step I had taken to experience the world first-hand and gain confidence that I can contribute to positive changes in the world. It was about learning with and from inspiring young people from over 80 countries and having the opportunity to grow up, by taking responsibility of my own actions and by experiencing compassion through meaningful community service.



By attending UWC, I learned to see the world from different perspectives and also to understand and accept others despite disagreement. UWC taught me that academics is not the only tool that can make a difference in a troubled world, but that empathy and entering into dialogue with others are essential to making a positive impact.


It is for that matter, that I chose a career path in international cooperation. I think there is so much to do to eradicate poverty, inequality and injustice in the world. At the beginning of my career, I have dedicated my time to support women and children in south and central America to have better quality of life through better education and health opportunities.”


Continue reading about why you should apply and how you can do it in the newest IB Blog post written by Bertha Camacho, member of the UWC Swiss Association Board!