The Swiss UWC Organisation

The UWC Swiss Association represents the UWC in Switzerland. It is an independent, non-profit association, run by a voluntary board and supervised by a patronage committee. In addition to recruiting and selecting candidates from Switzerland, the UWC Swiss Association also coordinates the funding and awarding of scholarships.


The UWC Swiss Association maintains an active network for all UWC alumni in Switzerland, as well as for students and alumni from Switzerland abroad. The annual meeting for members takes place in a different Swiss city each year and local get-togethers take place regularly. For more information visit us on Facebook.


Our bylaws are available in German and French


Current Swiss Scholars

Generation 2017 - 2019

  • Elisabeth Fitze, Rorschach SG, UWC Mostar
  • Lenja Flütsch, Orpund BE, UWC Mahindra College
  • Emilia Gerz, La Neuveville BE, UWC Maastricht
  • Levin Stamm, Biel BE, UWC Costa Rica


Generation 2018 - 2020

  • Céline Zahno, Sutz-Lattrigen BE, UWC Mahindra College
  • Antoine Croquelois, Lutry VD, UWC Pearson College