UWC in Switzerland

The Global UWC Organisation

The UWC global headquarters are in London. The International Board and the UWC Council are responsible for the organisation’s management. The international Office is where the activities of various commissions and the almost 150 UWC national committees is coordinated.


The schools themselves are largely independent and are usually headed by supervisory bodies. At the international level, the individual schools are coordinated by the UWC International Office. The President of the UWC movement is Queen Nūr of Jordan and the honorary president was Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nelson Mandela.


At the country level, the respective national committees are responsible for the selection of students and the funding of scholarships. They also represent the interests of UWC and provide an active network for alumni.





Thanks to UWC, young people are being trained to be the international bridge builders our world needs more than ever.


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The Swiss UWC Organisation

The UWC Swiss Association represents the UWC in Switzerland. It is an independent, non-profit association, run by a voluntary board and supervised by a patronage committee. In addition to recruiting and selecting candidates from Switzerland, the UWC Swiss Association also coordinates the funding and awarding of scholarships.


The UWC Swiss Association maintains an active network for all UWC alumni in Switzerland, as well as for students and alumni from Switzerland abroad. The annual meeting for members takes place in a different Swiss city each year and local get-togethers take place regularly. For more information visit us on Facebook, and you can also download our annual report here


Our bylaws are available in German and French


Current Swiss Scholars


Generation 2020 - 2022

  • Klara Häsler, ZH, UWC Atlantic College
  • Emmaline Perret, NE, UWC Robert Bosch College
  • Helen Schär, BE, UWC USA
  • Amandus Holenweg, NE, UWC Costa Rica 



Generation 2021 - 2023

  • Anna Darbellay, VS, UWC Robert Bosch College
  • Eléonore Michel, BE, UWC Robert Bosch College
  • Elias Peisker, BE, UWC Maastricht
  • Jeanne Hobi, BE, UWC USA
  • Lourine Rissle, AR, UWC Pearson College


«My time at UWC was a very formative experience, and the diversity of the school program, the international mix of students and the unique friendships have remained with me ever since.»

Timothy Blackwell
UWC Adriatic 1983–1985
Leadership position in finance


«It was a place where I learned an unbelievable amount in just two years in a unique learning atmosphere.»

Marie Caffari,
UWC Atlantic College 1984–1986
Head of the Swiss Literary Institute



Marie Caffari


A graduate of UWC Atlantic College (’84–’86), Marie Caffari has a doctorate in Literature from the University of London. She is a professor at the Bern University of the Arts (HKB) and the director of the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel.

Jürgen Capitain

Vice President / selection

After studying German, English and Philosophy, Jürgen worked as a German Lector in Cambridge and Oxford and then as a high school teacher in Biel. In addition, he also held a lecturer position at the PH Zurich.

Maria Julia Beck

Web content & Social media

The graduate of the UWC in Costa Rica (`10-`12) studied medicine at the University of Bern. At the moment she is undergoing training as a medical specialist.

Bertha Camacho

International Relations, Fundraising with Colleges

Bertha Camacho (UWC USA ’91-’93) is a sociologist with a MA in Development Management. A member of the UWC International Board from 2009 to 2015, she has been a member of the UWC International Council since 2009.

Ruth Wiederkehr

Ruth Wiederkehr studied education and educational psychology at the University of Bern. Today she teaches at secondary level 1 and is headmistress of the Mett-Bözingen Upper School Centre.

Sonia Martínez Hernández


Sonia Martínez Hernández, graduate of Li Po Chun (’00 –’02) is a communications and marketing specialist. After working in Madrid and Montreal, she now lives and works in Zurich.

Christian Schreiber


Christian Schreiber studied economics after attending UWC Atlantic College (’77–’79). Since 2000 – after many years in top management and consulting – he runs his own consulting business.

Maurus Wüthrich


After attending UWC Atlantic College (’07–’09), Maurus Wüthrich studied mechanical engineering at Oxford and business administration at the University of St. Gallen. He works for a management consultancy specialized in data analytics.

Patronage Committee

Prof. Dr. Heidi Diggelmann

Former President of the National Research Council for the UWC

Dr. Marianne von Grünigen

Former Ambassador and Former President of the Swiss Association for the UWC 2001-2007