How to apply

for UWC

1. Prerequisites and deadlines

An UWC education is aimed at particularly motivated young people with broad interests and the firm desire to go to school for two years at a UWC. Admission to the application process is granted to all students of the required age, who are currently attending a secondary school, which is usually domiciled in Switzerland and leads to the university entrance qualification. The Swiss nationality is not absolutely necessary, but familiarity with the Swiss way of life (i.e. long-term residence in Switzerland) is presupposed.
The Board of the UWC Swiss Association will accept applications from pupils who are at least 16 years old and not yet 18 years old on the 30th June 2018 for the two school years from the end of August 2018 to the beginning of June 2020.


The application deadline is 30 November 2017 (date of postmark).



3. Addressee of the application dossier

The application documents must be sent to the following address:

Mr Jürgen Capitain
President of the Selection Committee
Lindenweg 16
CH-2532 Magglingen / BE.



2. Written application

For the admission process, we need the following application documents:

  • Registration form
  • Curriculum vitae with passport photo
  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher
  • Letter of recommendation from another unrelated person
  • Copy of the last two grade reports
  • Parent’s consent to the application


A handwritten accompanying letter, addressed to Mr Jürgen Capitain, is to be enclosed with the application dossier.


Download registration form

(PDF, German)


4. Decision in the selection process

Pre-selection: On the basis of the written documents the selection committee makes a pre-selection. The shortlisted candidates will be invited to the selection day which will be held in Zurich in mid-January 2018 and consists of an essay (written in an officiall Swiss language or English, duration: 90 minutes) on a general topic and a half-hour discussion with the committee.


The Executive Committee of the Swiss Association will make the final selection by the end of January 2018 from the additional impressions gained at the selection day. Afterwards the successful applicants will be informed and registered at their future colleges.


Start of school is August / September 2018.



5. Financial concerns

The parents are expected to make a substantial contribution to the school fees in the form of donations to the UWC Swiss Association, which will transfer the entire school fee to the respective college. The amount of these donations depends on the financial resources of the parents and is agreed upon between the parents and the board after the student has been selected. Travel expenses and baggage fees are to be paid by the parents. During the application, the financial situation of the candidate is neither discussed nor is it a criterion for selection. Only the candidate’s fit and his/her individual abilities are considered.


The number of pupils selected depends on the quality of the applications and on the financial resources required for the school fees in addition to the parents' contributions.


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